a play about joy

finally, a play about joy

a sophisticated toy theater performance

First performance presented at
Blue Roof Studios Arts Festival
June 22, 2019
noon - 5pm
7329 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90003

Created and Performed by Allison M Keating
Original Music Composition by Tomas Peire

After years of making art about the death of our ecosystem and the sociological effects of climate change, Keating experiments with creating an emotional time out. For just a few moments, let’s feel joy together. Serving as a miniature extravaganza spectacle, using erratic non-narrative and non-verbal imagery, Keating and Peire have condensed joy into four measures.

Carnal Pleasure; food, sex, physical pursuits, the body
Entertainment; surprises, thrills, laughter, ALIVE!
The Natural World; oh, to breath that mountain air
Music; without which life would be hell